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Sat Mar 16 01:06:38 CET 2002

Financial Controller & Contract Award Committee
Chairman (NEPA)

TEL : 234-80-33010230  FAX : 234-1-7590822

Dear Sir,


I am Engr. Taiwo Folahan the Financial Controller and
Contract AwardCommittee Chairman in the National
Electric Power Authority in Lagos, Nigeria. My
colleagues have assigned me to seek for assistance of
areliable foreigner through whom we can transfer the
sum of US$38,600,000.00(Thirty-eight Million, Six
Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars) which arose fromthe
deliberate over-inflated contract value for the
General expansion of theKanji Dam Termal Station on
behalf of National Electric Power Authority(NEPA) for
increased energy generation to Nigeria and some other
WestAfrican countries. The contract was awarded in
1998 during the General Sani Abacha regime to an
expatriate firm with the consideration of 10%
commission agreement on the total contract value of
US$386,000,000. The contract has been completed and
the contractor has long been paid, we are now left
with this US$38,600,000 representing the 10% our own
share as agreed presently in the Federal Government
account. The Current favourable political/economic
climate in this country now presented an opportunity
for this money to be transferred out of the country.

A friend who was formally residing in your country
gave me your contact address. He told me that you are
trustworthy though he did not know my intention. This
assurance gave me courage to link you up for this
particular transaction, and I hope it will be of
mutual benefit to all of us.

Our contact in the Federal Ministry of Finance have
given us a go ahead advice to begin the process of the
remittance, hence we have set in motion the machinery
for the take off of this transaction and further
action will commence immediately we hear from you. We
have agreed that after the transfer of the money into
your account, you shall be entitled to 30% of the
total amount transferred, while the remaining 70% will
be for us. We decided to give you this percentage in
order to motivate you and also to let you feel
satisfied at the end of this transaction.

The nature of your business is not particularly
relevant for the success of this transaction. All we
require is your willingness to co-operate and
assurance that our own share will be given to us when
this money is transferred into your account. All
necessary precautions have been taken to ensure a no
risk situation on the sides of both parties and it is
believed that the conclusion of this transaction will
not last more than 12 working days, However, we are
going to retrieve the whole documents that will relate
to this transaction and destroy them after the
transfer of the money into your account to avoid any
trace of the money.  

Since we have no knowledge of business, our plan is to
invest this money into Real Estate, Stocks and we can
also invest in some other profitable business in your
country based on your advice because many of our years
has been spent as civil servant, and we may likely
resign from government service to private business
after this money is transferred into your account. 

Please note that this business is strictly
confidential and must not be disclosed to a third
party. This is necessary to avoid disclosure that may
jeopardise the transaction. If this proposal is
acceptable to you, or if you have any questions, feel
free to contact me on the above Telephone or Fax
numbers or email , I will oblige you with further
information and please I need your private
telephone/facsimile number, for easy and confidential

Best Regards,


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