R8B-0 devpoll patch

Artur Grabowski art@REDACTED
Tue Mar 5 10:57:35 CET 2002

Sorry for the long delay. I had to catch a few deadlines.

Per Bergqvist <per@REDACTED> writes:

> > Yes, you can select(2)/poll(2) on kqueue descriptors. You can also  
> > register kqueue descriptors on another kqueue just to add to the    
> > orthogonality.                                                      
> >                                                                     
> Great.                                                                
> A few other questions:                                                
> 1) What is the best way to check if the fd should use poll or kqueue ?
> (in the Linux I do a fstat and test the mode)

Try to register a kevent and see if it fails? I haven't really thought about

> 2) Do you have to register EVFILT_READ and WRITE as separate event    
> filters or can you simply OR them in one event ?

separate events. Anything else wouldn't allow the kqueue to live up to what
it promises (all events will be delivered if registering succeeds, resources
allocated on registration and not delivery).


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