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Niclas Eklund nick@REDACTED
Fri Mar 1 11:59:50 CET 2002

On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Yurii A. Rashkovskii wrote:

> > One option is to use CORBA. Since the JDK contains an ORB (JavaIDL)
> you
> > don't have to download a Java ORB. An extra bonus is that as long as
> your
> > API (i.e. IDL-specification) don't need to be changed, you can use the
> > same API to access other applications independent of
> plattform/language
> > etc.
> Thanks.
> Should I use com.ericsson.otp.ic in applet?

Do you mean as Java-package? No, IMHO, that's not the best solution.

You can use:
#pragma javaPackage "telcos.net.ua"

But since some ORB's IDL-compiler, at least older versions, do not handle
unknown pragma's correctly a better option is:

#pragma prefix "telcos.net.ua"

For example, all OMG specifications use the "omg.org" prefix, which
results in (NamingContext):


The generated files is then created as:


Use the IC 'erl_corba' backend (default) and our ORB Orber.


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