File system software???

Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Thu Jun 27 10:53:56 CEST 2002

This isn't an Erlang question but ...

Does anybody know of some software I can use for the following:

  - I want to create a simple file system *within* a bigger file
  - I want this to be fast and in C

I'd really like just the C file manipulation routines fopen/fclose
etc. to create virtual files *within* a single big file.

  I would like applications to be distriubuted with a single data file
not lots of silly little ones.
 The format of the big file is irrelevant (could be ext2, or zip or anything)

 It seems to me that something like this should exist somewhere - any ideas.


Whats the Erlang link - If I can find such a package I'll interface it
to Erlang ... :-)

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