Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Tue Jun 25 16:05:43 CEST 2002

This is getting more interesting ...

So far ...

  I can serve up 800 pages/sec of static content on my 1.4 GHz machine
(with HTTP protocol).

  I can serve 20,000 requests/sec with my "term server" !!!!

  (this is open_port / RPC with term_to_binary encoded terms)

  Klacke can process 2000+ requests/sec HTTP 


   Is quoting figures in the range 9 - 230 pages/sec for simple PHP
requests - *very* simple. The 200 pages/sec+  is optimised!

  Conclusion we could be up to 10 time faster than PHP ...

  Interesting ...


(And how slow are .asp pages :-)

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