Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Tue Jun 25 13:36:08 CEST 2002


> Great - I'm interested in the 2500 pages/sec figure - I have zero
> ideas is this good - how does it compare with commercial 
> things (like ASP) or free things like PHP???

This is pretty impressive yes. On my somewhat more humble 440MhZ Ultrasparc
I was getting 600 pages per second from yaws compared to 60 static pages per
second from Apache (using the apache benchmark program ab).

> Questions:
> 1) Where does all the time go in serving up HTTP pages? 
>    << the difference of 700 vs. 20,000 requests/second is
>       amazing - Is this just the time taken to parse the 
>       HTTP headers and dispatch the request? >>
>    (interestingly my HTTP server needed 619/reductions to process
> a request - and the erlang term server took 28 reductions) - 

Well yaws uses the new http socket mode of gen_tcp (undocumented) so all
header parsing is done in the tcp driver - in other words it cheats horribly

>   <aside> I  saw ballpark  figures of 50  pages/sec for ASP  servers -
> this seems way too low to be called high performance - are they really
> that bad?
>   </aside>

I'd say this is probably not far off the pace. It is also pretty much what
the existing inets can manage - though a quick profile reveals much time
spent in lists:flatten and other unfortunate places :(. The introduction of
a http socket mode must bode well for the future though..


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