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Bengt Kleberg eleberg@REDACTED
Fri Jun 14 13:26:39 CEST 2002

> From: "Vlad Dumitrescu" <vlad.dumitrescu@REDACTED>
> To: <erlang-questions@REDACTED>

> - there are some parts that seem to me to be possible to "open up" in order
> to allow different implementations to be plugged in. One example is the code
> module, where Joe had to hack it in order to make SAE working, but other
> ways to handle that might be envisaged. Another is GS, where the backend
> should be possible to switch to a non-TclTk one.
>   Is fixing this something to be considered? Do you think it needs to be
> "fixed"?

perhaps there are (atleast) 2 possibilities?
1 writing ones own module, that calls the standard module for most things.
2 replacing the standard module. reimplementing all the things that are good 

which one of the two are you considering?

to help with 2 it would be nice with something like this (from scheme):

> (define builtin_display display)
> (define display
	(lambda (arg)
		(builtin_display "all mine")
		(builtin_display arg)
> (display 'asd)
all mine


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