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On Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 02:19:17PM +0200, Peter H|gfeldt wrote:
> Please find below what I wrote less than two months ago about
> cryptographic software. I am not a lawyer, 

> However, if you want to find out what is allowed for your
> specific application, you have to go to court (get sued by the
> government). 
> Legislation is still in force and not void. However, the maximal allowable
> "free" key sizes have been increased over the years (it seems as if the
> US first sets a size to 1024 bits, say, then the EU is a good boy by
> setting it to 512 bits, and Sweden, being a very good boy, sets it to
> 128).

I still find this unclear, how can all the other companies
ship openssl but we (in sweden) cannot.
There are lots of companies that ship products (open on the 
internet to download) that contain openssl. 
Companies from many contries, (even France). All the linux distros,
all the browser manufacturers.


I still think that the laws in Europe now are so relaxed so that
its ok to ship products with openssl. That is *think*, I definitely
don't know. 

> but I am of the (perhaps odd) 
> opinion that an ordinary citizen can read and understand the laws of his
> country. 

Ho ho, 



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