Regarding a data repository for ASN1 data.

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Tue Jun 4 11:14:32 CEST 2002

Hello Bertil,
Thanks for the response.
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Bertil Karlsson wrote:
> Hello Vijay,
> The files you get when using the asn1 compiler is:
> File.asn1db, a data base file used by the asn1 compiler only.
> File.erl, the Erlang file generated by the asn1 compiler. This file
> contains encode and decode functions that encodes/decodes asn1 messages
> to/from BER,PER or DER encoding.
> File.hrl, an Erlang .hrl file. This file is only generated when there
> exists a SEQUENCE or a SET type or an asn1 value definition in the asn1
> file. For each SEQUENCE and SET type the compiler generates a record
> with the same name as the type. For each value a macro is defined in the
> .hrl file, so that you can retrive the asn1 value.
> File.beam. The asn1 compiler calls the erlang compiler on the generated
> files, and the result is a beam file. When you compile an erlang file
> with the erlang compiler you will get a beam file.
> You'll find documentation on the asn1 compiler at:
> There you'll find a User's Guide and a Reference Manual for asn1ct and
> asn1rt.
> Regarding your need for a data storage Erlang OTP has more than one
> possibility. Mnesia is a powerful and fast data base application in
> Erlang OTP. If you want to use an ODBC data base Erlang has a driver to
> communicate with it. Perhaps you don't need a real data base but a
> simpler storing facility, then take a look at ets tables. You can read
> more about it in the Erlang documentation.
> /Bertil Karlsson
> > Vijay Sarathy Upparapalli wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > I am working on "asn1ct" and "asn1rt".
> > I have a ASN1 file compiled using "erlc" which resulted in four other
> > files.
> > For instance, if  my ASN1 file is myfile.asn--
> > myfile.erl
> > myfile.beam
> > myfile.hrl
> > myfile.asn1db
> > are generated.
> > Can anyone tell me the inherent details of these generated files.
> > Also I am looking to storing the ASN1 specified data.
> > Putting in a nutshell, I am looking towards realizing a database
> > implementation for ASN1 specified data.
> > Any help on this would be appreciated.
> > Vijay.
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