Fun syntax

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Tue Jul 30 21:48:50 CEST 2002


you are right, Erik: by "remote" I meant "from another module".

> > I am a little confused about the syntax for functional objects when the
> > referred function is remote. The way to define a fun is then
> >     Fun = {lists, reverse}
>No, it is not. Don't tell anyone that this works ;)

Well, it's stated in the docs about the Fun syntax:

    We can also refer to a function defined in a different module
    with the following syntax:
        F = {Module, FunctionName}
    In this case, the function must be exported from the module
    in question.

>I think the reason is that the entity lists:reverse/1 does not exist at 
>compile time, the address of the function can only be found at load time or 
>at the time of the call.

I was thinking that internally 'lists:reverse' could be represented just as 
'{lists, reverse}' - the new syntax could only be clearer and more 

> > What I find even strange is that it works to write something like
> >     {lists, reverse}([1,2,3]).
>Yes, this is terrible and ugly in so many ways... and it is going to go 


>In some generic servers you want to store dynamic callback functions.

Yes, but as you say, that's why apply is here for.

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