Fun syntax & language feature poll

Lennart Öhman <>
Tue Jul 30 13:06:08 CEST 2002

Apart from being against all new things  :-)

In my opinion it should be better with functionality where you can keep to
a certain version of a module in the function call (making it possible to
extend to having more than two versions) and only program with that feature
where it is necessary.


> Speaking of which, why not remove this feature of Erlang (that a remote call
> calls the latest version of loaded code) and instead introduce a special update
> call like:
>  enter_latest foo(...) ?
> Except in the shell who uses this feature?
> If you want to write an application that really supports upgrades you have think this
> through and design with it in mind from the beginning anyway.
> Removing this feature would do wonders to the possibilities of optimization...
> Comments, flames, arguments are welcome.
> /Erik
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