"A Parallel and Multithreaded ERLANG Implementation" - status?

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Sun Jul 28 21:18:30 CEST 2002


>Another aproach that tempted me (and others) lately thought about would
>be to "cheat". It would not have the potential to be as good as a "full"
>MT Erlang but probably a better than just running several several plain
>Erlang nodes on a MP machine.
>Basically shortcut the distribution mechanism, detect Erlang nodes
>running on the same physical machine and then bypass the normal socket
>based distribution by establishing a shared memory communication area
>between the two Erlang nodes on the same machine.

I wonder if this really would be a 'cheat': it is probably simpler (I think) 
to just implement a driver that will enable distribution via shared memory 
instead of TCP... The only big question mark would be then if it is possible 
to have two simultaneously active distribution bearers. If it isn't now, I 
think it should be - the future might require it...

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