Erlang echo server with eLite?

Luke Gorrie <>
Fri Jul 26 15:44:20 CEST 2002

"Piotr Daruk" <> writes:

> Hello!
>     I have succeeded to find auth module so I have linked it to the compilation. Obviously it helps, thanx Laura!! 
>     Yet, I got new error:
> {distribution_not_started,{auth,set_cookie,2}]}

I think you will need a lot more than just the 'auth' module to do
distribution, so again upgrading SAE to have the .lib files is
probably a good idea.

Since SAE doesn't seem to have a command line option for starting
distribution, I've attached a module that does it "the direct way",
which I snarfed out of some guru-written code. I think this is "not
recommended", but it works :-)

To start distribution with node name 'foo', you would do:



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