Erlang echo server with eLite?

Luke Gorrie <>
Fri Jul 26 14:33:55 CEST 2002

"Piotr Daruk" <> writes:

> So it works?! But after compilation when I am trying to run ./echo and
> ./client on the shell I got the error {undef, [{auth,set_cookie,2}]}. I was
> thinking and I got know that maybe erl runs some processes (like inet_kernel
> or something) and if I want to run my programmes on a shell, maybe I should
> start such process by my self on each program?
> What do you think?

I think that only Joe Armstrong knows the one true answer, but since
he seems to be away I'll have another crack :-)

The thing is that "distributed erlang" is partly implemented in
erlang, and Stand Alone Erlang chops out most of the standard erlang
modules (to make things small). So it looks like distribution isn't
"linked in" to your stand alone program.

However, the latest SAE at puts back
various bits of the standard libraries with its ".lib" files, so you
can probably get distribution (via 'kernel.lib' I'm guessing).

If you upgrade to version 3.1, it may "just work" because it can load
the necessary libraries on-demand from a .lib file.

That's my best guess!


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