Erlang echo server with eLite

Lennart Öhman <>
Fri Jul 26 10:16:27 CEST 2002

Reposting this to the list since it got lost somewhere...

Hi again!

without knowing anything about stand alone Erlang, the error msg
you got, undef, means that the function set_cookie in the module auth
taking 2 arguments does not exist. Either there is no such function in
the auth module or the auth module is not loaded.


Piotr Daruk wrote:
> -Halo!
>     I have tried setting cookies erlang:set_cookie(echo_node, nocookie) for
> echo server and erlang:set_cookie(client_node, nocookie) for client. After
> that I was able to send messages to registered server {echosrv,
> } ! {self(), Msg}. It has worked but only under erlang
> environment. Yet, when I have compiled my programmes with eLite 2.0 and
> started ./echo and ./client I could see an error msg:
> {undef, [{auth, set_cookie, 2}]} what is wrong? What should I do to make it
> work as I want, not on erlang environment, but just on Linux console?
> Cheers,
> Piotr

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