Erlang echo server with eLite?

Francesco Cesarini <>
Thu Jul 25 15:57:45 CEST 2002

You have an example in the FAQ, The Erlang book (Chapter 10) 
describes it as well.


Piotr Daruk wrote:

>Sorry! For such questions, but I'm a freshman to use an Erlang. How should I
>set cookies to make this work?
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>>Don't forget to set the cookies else it will not work.
>>Piotr Daruk wrote:
>>>Sorry for not being specific!!! Yet, you have assumed correctly! Now I
>>>understand the Erlang messaging mechanism. I will try that as soon as
>>>Best regards.
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>>>>"Piotr Daruk" <> writes:
>>>>>Hi Fredrik!
>>>>>   First of all thanx for such quick answer! Please note that I don't
>>>>>want to use erlang environment to run my programmes. I want to compile
>>>>>them and move to another Linux machine. That is why I'm using "aLike
>>>>>2.0" compiler.  Both programmes can be compiled without any
>>>>>problem. Than I start ./echo and ./client.
>>>>I'm assuming the client and server run as separate programs (separate
>>>>unix processes).
>>>>>The client can send only Integers. But when the client tries to send
>>>>>a message that is: echosrv ! {ClientPid, N} error occurs:
>>>>The expression "echosrv ! {ClientPid, N}" will try to send a message
>>>>to the registered process 'echosrv' in the current node (i.e. unix
>>>>process). If your echosrv is actually registered in another process,
>>>>then it will crash (with 'badarg') because the current node has no
>>>>echosrv process.
>>>>To send the message to a remote node, you should do:
>>>> "{echosrv, } ! {ClientPid, N}"
>>>>Which will use distribution (over a TCP socket) to send the message
>>>>to the other process.
>>>>I don't know if distribution is easy to use with eLite - Joe?
>>>>P.S., the latest version of eLite (aka Stand Alone Erlang) at
>>>> is 3.1.

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