How to run httpd as daemon?

Matthias Lang <>
Wed Jul 24 14:15:38 CEST 2002

If you search for

  "Erlang daemon" 

on google, the first page that google finds is a step-by-step
description of how to run erlang programs as daemons:

Alternatively, the 'erl' manpage describes how to use the '-detached'
flag to start the system as a daemon:

The FAQ also gives an example of how to run things from the command
line, though the author was too lazy or clueless to include an example
using -detached:

It says that you need to create (and compile!) a program something like:

	hello_world() -> 
			      nothing -> ok

and then run it using a command line something like:

   erl -detached -s hello hello_world


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