driver_output_term() and unsigned long (32 bit) values

Per Bergqvist <>
Tue Jul 23 09:40:23 CEST 2002

Send it as a bignum.                                                  
Haven't really checked if this is supported via driver_output_term.   
(If not it should be fixed...)                                        
I do it via driver_output_binary and binary_to_term.                  
> Am I correct in assuming that, if I *really* needed a driver to get 
> the most-significant bit of a 32 bit unsigned long sent to Erlang   
> driver_output_term(), I'm out of luck?                              
> I suppose I could do something like:                                
> 1. Modify BEAM to support unsigned integers.                        
> 2. Send the unsigned int back as a binary and then unpack it as an  
> ":32/unsigned-integer"                                              
> 3. Send the unsigned int back as a signed int, then have Erlang pack
> it into a binary and then unpack it as a ":32/unsigned-integer".    
> 4. Send back a {1, N} tuple and then have Erlang convert via "(1 bsl
> 31) bor N" or equivalent arithmetic.                                
> 5. Not use driver_output_term().                                    
> 6. Um, I think I'd better stop now.  This is getting too ugly.      
> Is there a better, non-ugly solution I'm missing?                   
> -Scott                                                              
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