Link question.

martin logan <>
Sat Jul 20 01:49:36 CEST 2002

Hello all,
I have found an interesting problem with link that I could not find an 
explanation for in the docs. I wanted to ask if link is defined this way for 
a reason? Here is the scenario.

All procs on one node:

case catch link(DeadLocalPid) of
    true -> true;
    {'EXIT', Reason} -> false

yeilds: false

The pid referanced of is on a remote node.

case catch link(DeadRemotePid) of
    true -> true;
    {'EXIT', Reason} -> false

yeilds: true

So the situation in english; If I have a pid that dies befor I link to it 
and it was local I get {'EXIT' Reason}. If the pid was remote I get true.
Can anyone explain why this is the case?


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