Erlang killer app?

Alex Peake <>
Sat Jul 20 01:23:26 CEST 2002

Tools to build distributed commerce apps would be good. Erlang offers huge productivity gains over
Java, VB, C# etc.


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> I don't think it's quite that simple.
> Personally, I spent a few years designing systems
> for emergency
> response, trooper dispatch, etc. Many of the things
> we worked
> with were database and groupware oriented. I picked
> up Erlang
> during that time, and considered it ideal for the
> flexible and
> robust messaging backbones we wanted to build.
> I'm convinced that Erlang could be used to design
> some killer
> groupware.

Now groupware, thats an interesting thought. I used to
work with Lotus Notes, about the best general
groupware app anywere, and its not that great.
5,000,000+ lines of code and it tends to be a buggy
mess half the time (though far better then the

A good group where app would probably be a 'Killer
App' and catch the eye of quite a few good size
corporations. Not to mention what it could do for the
open source world in general.

Unfortunatly this is no simple application no matter
how you look at it.

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