gen_server, gen_tcp question

Francesco Cesarini <>
Wed Jul 17 21:17:10 CEST 2002

>In the server portion after creating the listen socket
>you would spawn a process whose only job would be to
>accept any incoming connections? 
Yes. Once a connection has been accepted, you pass control of that 
socket to a server. (And as Kent said, make sure you handle possible 
incoming packets which might be sent to this process before control has 
been passed).

>I assume that you would not want this process
>to spawn the worker thread to handle the connection,
>considering it should be as simple as possible?
More than spawning another process, you would could instead spawn a new 
OTP behavior. It all depends on the nature of your application.

> What
>should it do with an excepted socket then? Message it
>back to the server and let the server handle it? 
If you want to allow your server to handle many connections, then the 
answer is yes. Otherwise, if you want one server per connection, than 
you are better off spawning a new behavior.


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