Yaws API discussion

Mickael Remond <>
Wed Jul 17 11:27:57 CEST 2002

Johan Blom <>:

> So, my own humble opinion would be to have a closer look at the latest
> inets version and help out with that. One of the main design goals with
> inets is to have a fast "core" with only the most basic HTTP
> functionality and then allow for extensions, provided by the module
> design. Thus I assume e.g. a "yaws" extension should be quite easy to
> implement.

Why not. From what I remember from previous test with Inets 2.6 is that the
performance was not as impressive as Yaws. But maybe we should work on Inet 3 to
make it as fast with the same level of functionnality.
Do you think it is something possible ?
We could then implement various templating approach as module (Yaws, ZPT, ...)

If I remember right it was possible to considerably improve Inets performance by
removing the log feature.
This was very strange.
Do you know if this is still the case ?

Mickaël Rémond

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