Building R8B-1 on OpenBSD 3.1

Daniel Néri <>
Mon Jul 15 23:26:52 CEST 2002

Steve Elkins <> writes:

> ..and it compiled, but I'm sure the PTB have better ways of
> addressing such issues.  Just thought I ought to report the hack.

Aah! I'm the one to blame for these lines. The problem seems to be
that the machine I did the port of os_mon to OpenBSD on has lots of
obsolete left-over stuff on it. It was originally running OpenBSD 2.4,
and somewhere along the lines of upgrades, the virtual memory
implementation in OpenBSD changed from plain VM to a new one called

Thus, this code works for me, who's too lazy to install from scratch
at every new OS release, but it doesn't work for everyone else.

> And what does the change do anyway?

I suppose it includes the correct include file, instead of an old one
that shouldn't exist anymore. ;-)

>How can I find out if compiling it produces something that runs?

Something like:



Daniel Neri

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