Beginner help with distributed Erlang

Alex Peake <>
Mon Jul 15 00:04:13 CEST 2002

I am just starting to try distributed Erlang.

I am in the Windows 2000 world. I have two machines in a domain (FEY).

On machine 1 (the server) called predator I start Erlang:
erl -name predator
I get:

So far so good (I think).

On machine 2 (the client) called functional I start Erlang:
werl -name functional
I get:

OK so far (I think).

I try:
and get:

which I think is OK (4888 is what I get over on predator for net_adm:names().

Now when I try from functional:
I get pang, and I see on the predator screen:
** Connection attempt from disallowed node ''

I tried the sample banking example from the book (chapter 6) and of course receive similar

I tried (on the server):
and get:

However, I still get the same:
** Connection attempt from disallowed node ''

Can someone help me please? What am I missing?


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