HP-UX 11 ?

Bruce Fitzsimons <>
Sat Jul 13 08:45:45 CEST 2002

Hi Mikael,

> Try adding a #define NO_JUMP_TABLE near the start of
> My recollection of HP-(s)UX is that gcc computed gotos have serious
> and maybe only work if gcc is configured to use GNU as and ld.
> (Function pointers also suck on HP-(s)UX due to their segmented memory

I can see you have many fine memories of HP-SUX :-) I am not enamoured with
it either.

Adding the define didn't help, I'm going to do what Per suggested (offlist)
and print the loaded bytes to compare against a good system. I might spray
around a few more debug statements as well. If I get really keen I might
even gdb it, but I'm not sure what the code should be doing if it was

Would the erl_crash.dump be useful for anything? I've never used one...


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