Consistent problems with gs, toolbar, pman under WinNT

Kent Boortz <>
Wed Jul 10 10:00:55 CEST 2002

Twan van der Schoot <> writes:
> Nevertheless, I don't know what the priority of the MS WinNT/W2000 version 
> of Erlang is in the Open Source strategy of Ericsson, but is structurally 
> lags behind the "real" UNIX versions.  Normally it is not that big a 
> problem, but I think that the debugger and the pman applications are 
> essential tools and can hardly be missed.

We are committed to make GS work on Windows NT and Windows 2000, and
we have taken some time to look into this problem but haven't found
what caused GS to start having problems in R8B,


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