getting to yaws, devpoll

Per Bergqvist <>
Sun Jul 7 15:55:03 CEST 2002

> Is the devpoll patch supposed to work with R8B-1 (and forthcoming   
> So far, it was done against R8B-0...                                
Correct, I'll release a R8B-1 patch next week when I get home.        
Since this is a experimental due to the limited usage I don't think it
will be included R8B-2.                                               
If you do use it please give me feedback.                             
> -- Sincerely,                                                       
> Leonid Timochouk                                                    
> University of Kent at Canterbury                                    
Per Bergqvist                                                         
Synapse Systems AB                                                    
Phone: +46 709 686 685                                                

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