getting to yaws, devpoll

Hal Snyder <>
Fri Jul 5 18:36:31 CEST 2002

Per Bergqvist <> writes:

> I haven't updated the [devpoll] patch for P9. Will probably happen
> during the summer. There is still some weird behaviour with FreeBSD
> kqueue support but the Solaris and Linux+/dev/kpoll variants are
> flawless.

> /dev/kpoll is a derivate work from Davide Libenskis devpoll driver.
> It mimics the semantics of poll better than devpoll. It is still
> unreleased to a wider audience. It should really have been released
> a few months ago but nobody seemed interested in the kernel poll
> support.

> Let me know if your interested and I'll fix it.

Definitely interested!

We use the BSDs a fair amount - let me know if we can help with kqueue

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