ANN: crone - cron in Erlang (sort of)

Sean Hinde <>
Thu Jul 4 14:53:10 CEST 2002

Well, here's one I wrote earlier.

The API is unfinished (stuck somewhat between two methods) but it does seem
to work well enough.

This one sends a tick to itself every minute and does any jobs which are
scheduled at that time. There are some (slightly incorrect) docs in the code

You can also have a job run at startup which returns a state which is passed
through future invocations.

Someone might find it useful.. cron.conf is in the priv dir


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> Chris Pressey <> writes:
> > For each task you wish to schedule, crone creates a 
> process.  Each process
> > calculates the time until the task will next be run, calls 
> timer:sleep/1
> > for that duration, runs the task, and repeats.
> perhaps it would be better to organize the tasks to be run in a
> priority queue with the next time to run as key. That way, you only
> need one process that calculates the time to wait until the next task
> should be executed, then spawn the process to execute that task. Saves
> lots of processes.
>        Goodbyte, Gerd.
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