extra console/shell

Per Hedeland <>
Mon Jul 1 22:47:54 CEST 2002

Kent Boortz <> wrote:
>Per Hedeland <> writes:
>> >If my memory serves me right, on Solaris there is a to_erl utility, but I 
>> >think it only allows connecting to the active shell, not create a new one.
>> Yes, and it's a hack (I wrote the original version:-) that has no real
>> business being included with Solaris, I think.
>A hack?! No one told me, to_erl is now ported to Linux and FreeBSD... ;-)

Well, the Unix version of to_erl & Co is actually quite a different
beast than the twenty lines I wrote for VxWorks, so I should neither
take credit for it nor claim that it's a hack:-) - my point was just
that I think it solves a non-problem on Unix, but if people like it /
want it, fine by me...:-)

--Per Hedeland

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