getting to yaws

Johan Bevemyr <>
Mon Jul 1 13:56:18 CEST 2002

> > but his machine is up - so I guess
> > yaws must have crashed, 
> It's worse than that, I was so stressed when packing for holidays, so
> I must have simply - not started - or even stopped - yaws before
> leaving.

No, it is even worse :-). There was a bug in the htmlize code
which cause the emulator to crash when the string to htmlize 
was to big. I think the binary code created to much garbage, or 
something. I rewrote it to use lists instead which made it much
faster and working.

What was even worse than that was that one of the examples, which 
trigged this behaviour, contained a bit of a security hole (now 
fixed as well), so perhaps it was a good thing that
crashed :-)


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