Fwd: Re: R8B-0 devpoll patch

Per Bergqvist per@REDACTED
Wed Feb 27 09:32:09 CET 2002

Missed to reply to list as well, sorry.                               
From: Per Bergqvist <per@REDACTED>                                    
To: Kent Boortz  <kent@REDACTED>                              
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 06:39:54 +0100                                 
> This sounds very promising. For FreeBSD there is kqueue() that      
> according to some tests is even more efficient.                     
> Do you know how stable these extensions are?                        
If you mean my patch it is of course rock solid(tm) ... Well at least 
it works for me. :-)                                                  
I has not been through any kind of formal testing but a have run a    
large number                                                          
of stress tests and tested a very large distributed application with  
it ...                                                                
For the other poll extensions:                                        
1) Solaris /dev/poll was introduces as a patch for Solaris 7 and is   
official since                                                        
    Solarais 8.                                                       
2) /dev/epoll is still being developed by Davide. I will most likely  
change somewhat                                                       
    with more ioctl. It is unlikely that the semantics of EP_POLL will
3) I don't have FreeBSD running anywhere and deliberately skipped     
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