pico question

Garry Hodgson garry@REDACTED
Tue Feb 26 22:22:17 CET 2002

i'm using joe armstrong's pico (11.0) server to build an xmlrpc server.
i've got it working now, but only after a bit of kludgery with the
data that i get passed.  in particular, the message body seems to
get split into a tuple, losing the "=" in the xml header.

that is, when the client sends:

	<?xml version='1.0'?>\n<methodCall>\n ...rest deleted...

my event handler:

	event_handler( { post, _, Whatever, Message }, State ) ->

gets a Message value of:

	[ { "<?xml version",
        "'1.0'?>\n<methodCall>\n ...rest deleted... } ]

note that the "=" got lost from between the two elements of the tuple.
it's easy enough to work around, but i was curious why this happens?

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