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Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Wed Feb 20 17:18:42 CET 2002

Nico Weling <nico.weling@REDACTED> writes:
> I've seen the following error and I've no idea who is causing this error.
> 	gs error: gstk: error in input : invalid command name "-te"
> Could somebody give me a hint were I can look for, and what it does mean?

It is probably a bug in GS. The back-end of the back-end is a Tcl
interpreter and GS send it commands using a pipe or a socket. This
backend report that it got an invalid Tcl command.

There is no information sent that tell Tcl when it has got a comlete
command from GS. A built in function is called in the Tcl code that
return true for a valid Tcl command line. My guess is that GS sent a
partial command line or failed to escape some characters, probably a
newline or a ';', that made this function think it got a complete
command. The next input it gets is the rest of the command line
starting with "-te".

If you can reproduce the error you can help finding the bug by
enabling debugging in the file "gstk_port_handler.erl". Uncomment the
format call in the output/2 function and set DEBUGLEVEL > 0.

If the debug printout at the failing point isn't readable (it should
be text mostly, maybe a few control characters) you can use the
altered "gstk_port_handler.erl" attached below,


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