General Protocol Stack Management

Francesco Cesarini francesco@REDACTED
Wed Feb 20 14:49:38 CET 2002

Peter Andersson and Markus Kvisth wrote a Thesis on the 
subject. You can find it in the Erlang Thesis section at 
the open directory. I am unsure on where the code they 
wrote it, or if it is in a usable state.


Hi all, 

I am trying to devise a general way to handle a protocol 
stack in a way that is protocol independent. The closest 
thing I found to look at was Megaco, which is very cool. 
However, assumptions about the specific protocols are 
spread a little here and there, and also the protocol 
layers are fixed (since it is only designed to handle one 

I wonder if anyone had felt the need for such an 
application, where once could dynamically add, remove or 
change some of the handlers for the different layers in the 
stack. My reason for doing this is to be able to change the 
encoding and routing algorithms and/or the transport 
medium, but then I thought "why not make it more general?" -
- I'd like to find out if such generality can be really 
needed, or maybe it's better to choose the custom solution? 
Maybe such a general aplication already exists, and then 
I'd have a lot to learn from. 

Any thoughts or remarks? 
Best regards, 

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