SNMP MIB compiler for Windows version

Peter H|gfeldt peter@REDACTED
Tue Feb 19 17:38:06 CET 2002

According to SNMP User's Guide, Section 4.2:

"The following MIBs are built-ins of the Erlang SNMP compiler:
 SNMPv2-SMI, RFC-1215, RFC-1212, SNMPv2-TC, SNMPv2-CONF, and
 RFC1155-SMI. They cannot therefore be compiled separately." 


On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Daniel Chen Hongwei wrote:

> Hello, 
>           I am a new user to OTP. After I install the OTP R8B in my PC(Windows 98), I follows the SNMP User Guide to try compiling MIBs.It failed even for standard MIBs included in directory of .\lib\snmp-3.3.3\mibs. Is there any environment variable should be set before we run snmp:c("RFC-1212") in Erlang shell? Or how can we run the compiler under Windows?
> I got the following error info:
> 10> snmp:c("RFC-1212").
> RFC-1212.mib: 9: Error: syntax error before: 'OBJECT-TYPE'
> {error,compilation_failed}
> The same error info is got if I run "erlc RFC-1212.mib" under DOS:
> RFC-1212.mib: 9: Error: syntax error before: 'OBJECT-TYPE'

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