p2p summary (kind of)

Stefan Nickl sn@REDACTED
Thu Feb 14 14:26:53 CET 2002

This talking about namespaces, Key -> Value mappings reminded me of
a document from Hans Reiser that was also on Slashdot recently:


The reason for bringing this up again were the signs that the
next major Windoze shall unify the filesystem with a database server.
But I remember Mr. Reiser writing (mostly incomprehensible stuff to me :)
about namespaces when reiserfs turned up first.

The UNIX equivalent of the "Blue Screen of Death" would be called
"kernel panic". It obviously exists, since I have heard and read about it,
but I've never been witness to it in my professional career.
        John Kirch,
        Networking Consultant and Microsoft Certified Professional (Windows NT)

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