p2p summary (kind of)

Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Thu Feb 14 13:00:41 CET 2002


I'd like to check if my understanding of terms is in accordance with yours 
or not.

In my world, an UUID is a reference to something, like a C pointer.

A Dewey category is a description of a group of entities, meta-data; like a 
type declaration for a C entity.

Therefore, they are two completely different beasts, each with its 
usefulness. I think they are both needed (not necessarily in the form of 
UUIDs and Dewey numbers, but as a reference to something and a type 
description of that something). It's hard to imagine how things would work 
without any of them.

In the p2p world, UUIDs (or other kind of unique references) can identify 
specific users, or specific services, or specific global data. Dewey numbers 
(or other kind of meta-data) can be used in searches, as a complement to 
regexps :-), and in describing the thingie that an UUID refers to.

best regards,

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