erlang comment spotted on slashdot

matthias@REDACTED matthias@REDACTED
Thu Feb 14 10:26:17 CET 2002

Spotted on slashdot today:

  Erlang Virus Propagation System (Score:3, Interesting)
  by Anonymous Coward on 14/02/02 1:35 (#3004254) 

  "A fully coordinated worm, where the worms explicitly coordinate their
  attack on the network, is a theoretical possibility but has not been
  seen in practice due to the difficulty in coding and coordinating the

  Obviously the author has not heard of the interpreted, functional
  programming language Erlang. It can be best described as "The Borg"
  and has language level support for things like automatic resource
  discovery, live updates of software modules and distributed
  databases. There are binaries available for many architectures.

  An attack platform written in this language has the potential to be
  utterly devastating. Imagine, all of the infected nodes know about
  all of the other nodes. You have a distributed database containing
  information on exploits and probes for various computer systems that
  can be updated on the fly as new exploits are discovered. Even the
  code for the platform itself can be updated while the system is

Matthias (and now I understand why certain policies were written ;-)

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