Gnutella (was: Re: yaws)

Willem Broekema <>
Tue Feb 12 12:50:08 CET 2002

Joe Armstrong wrote:
> Yes - I did this as well Gnutella sucketh *greatly* - you get a flood of 
> totaally meaningless messages which are bascially junk. There is also
> no way of killing of a down-stream query - terrible protocol - brain dead.

Me too, I'm also (not very actively) working on a client. Gnutella is 
indeed not very advanced, but there are interesting developments going on 
like "Ultrapeer" nodes that each handle most of the traffic for tens of 
regular leaf nodes.

Not sure what "meaningless messages" you're talking about?

By the way, if you or Vlad have some code for an Erlang client lying 
around, I'd surely like to see it. I have my client basically working, but 
I'm sure I learn something by looking at your code! :-)

- Willem

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