How to 'bypass' the receive timer

Faustin Ngokse eedfang@REDACTED
Fri Feb 8 09:54:48 CET 2002

Hello erlang friends,

This is my first contribution on this mailing list, I guess I am at the right 
I have an erlang process working as server and receiving a lot of messages.
Some messages trigger further "receive" with a timer to prevent the process from 
waiting undefinetely.
It often happens that the messages destinated to the 'external' receive can't be 
delivered because the timer for the 'internal' receiver is not yet over.
This make my server process very very slow.
Is there a possibility to influence the message so that messages for the 
'external' receive can be delivered while the 'internal' receive is still 
Do anybody have another idea how to solve this problem?

Thanx in advance


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