Missing bookmarks in Erlang book (pdf-version)

Daniel Dudley daniel.dudley@REDACTED
Tue Dec 31 21:42:53 CET 2002

The PDF-version of "Concurrent Programming in Erlang"
contains Part 1, Programming, only; the 2nd part,
Applications, is omitted. In the text, most references
(links to bookmarks) are replaced by "??". However, not all
of these are references to chapters or sections in Part 2.
Clearly, insertion of the correct references will enhance
the readability and  usefulness of the book considerably.
Can anyone oblige me with a list of the correct references?

While on the subject of this book, I'm wondering whether
anyone is working on a new version, which clearly is
warranted due to, among other things, extensions to the
language. If not, I might be inclined to take on that task
myself -- with a little help from the language experts. For
starters, I envisage three volumes: Programming, Standard
Libraries and Applications. I'm hoping for some feedback
from the community, so don't be shy!

Godt Nytt Aar til alle!
A Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone!


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