Word origins (mnensia and mnemosyne)

Torbjorn Tornkvist tnt@REDACTED
Mon Dec 30 17:24:56 CET 2002

Daniel Dudley wrote:

>I'm curious about the origins of the words mnensia and
>mnemosyne. A search in web dictionaries gives no answers,
>so I assume the words are concocted by the creators of the
>mnensia and mnemosyne applications -- but on what basis?
You probably mean 'Mnesia' ?

Anyway, the Mnesia  DB was initially named "Amnesia" , but some manager
at Ericsson though that wasn't a funny joke so the 'A' was dropped from 
the name.
Apparently, Mnesia is still a valid greek word meaning 'memory' or 
something like that.
Mnemosyne was taken from the Greek mythology if I remember correctly.

Cheers /Tobbe

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