Having nodes talk to each other.

Louis van der Stam Louis.van.der.Stam@REDACTED
Fri Dec 20 14:12:42 CET 2002


I have seen messages here concerning the problem I'm having, from the
responses I have read, I conclude my problem is different or is it .....

I'm having difficulty getting two Erlang nodes on the same machine
communicate with each other. net_adm:ping('n1@REDACTED'). fails from n2 and vise
versa. I'm starting the two erlang nodes with '> erl -sname n1' and '> erl
-sname n2' respectively. Before starting I had edited the .erlang.cookie
file in my HOME directory to contain mycookie without quotes. In my
experience this in enough to get two nodes communicating.

The installation where this fails is a Tru64 running R9 (it compiled without
problems). Both nodes create a listen port in the TCP stack, but I never see
a connection being established.

Am I overlooking some simple configuration item or ....?

Is there a switch, ... that instructs erl to write some debuging/traceing
information concerning connections and/or connection attempts and failure


Louis van der Stam

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