Fw: Was Mapping processes Now: ATOMS and atom_tab index

Kent Boortz <>
Thu Dec 19 07:26:46 CET 2002

"Valentin" <> writes:
>  We have discovered (the hard way) that number of atoms in ERTS is limited
> to
>  1024*1024, which limits the number of atoms to 1,048,576. The question was
>  posted recently asking how to increase this limit, but judging from the
> lack
>  of response, I guess, there isn't one. We have found the code where this
>  table was allocated, but I do not think that the recompilation with changed
>  value will do any good, as it might have side effects.
>  When the space in the atom_tab index is reached,  erlang crashes with the
>  bang. And quite a sizable dump.
>  It might be a good idea to mention this limitation somewhere in the manual
>  (hopefully in ei_x_encode_atom(...) description as well).

It is in the manual. I entered "limits" in the search field at
www.erlang.org, got 10 pages and found the information at


But I knew what I was looking for, the page is not that easy to find
from the index page of the documentation.

There is also a note that registered processes is only for long
lived processes at


I will add a note or a reference about limitations in the erl_interface


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