New HiPE partners are invited

Bjarne Däcker bjarne@REDACTED
Wed Dec 18 15:12:23 CET 2002


High Performance Erlang, HiPE, is a
research project run at Uppsala
university which also produces
results which are directly included
in the Erlang/OTP releases.

HiPE is part of the ASTEC competence
centre. In competence centres industry
and research work together. This means
that Swedish state agency VINNOVA 
sponsors project on par with industry
sponsoring. This can take the form of
work effort or money contribution.

In the HiPE case Ericsson both
contributes work and money. The work
effort consists of 30% of a manyear.
For 2002 the cash constribution was
600 KSEK, however, for 2003 it will
be reduced to 220 KSEK.

Further HiPE partners are welcome
both as cash input and as work effort.

Please contact me or somebody 
at ASTEC or HiPE.

Best regards



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