Mnesia Web Interface for O&M and Customer Care

Bruce Fitzsimons <>
Wed Dec 18 06:16:19 CET 2002

Hi Daniel,

I'd highly recommend yaws (, also at
It is possible to use inets, or pico, but I've found yaws to be far faster
(in terms of development time) and more flexible.

Its in quite active development at the moment, and so some of the interfaces
have been a little unstable, but I think thats been mostly ironed out now.


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Subject: Mnesia Web Interface for O&M and Customer Care


We are implementing a Mnesia database, for mobile prepaid accounts. Now, we
need to implement both O&M and customer's care graphical modules. And we
would prefer them to be web based interfaces. The web interface would be
used to retrieve and update prepaid accounts data from the Mnesia accounts
database. How would you recommend us to make the web to mnesia interface? Is
there anything already implemented, that would help, as inets?



Daniel Fernandez

INswitch Solutions
T. 5989-9667353

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