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Eric Newhuis enewhuis@REDACTED
Tue Dec 17 14:54:30 CET 2002

Ok.  Well then if that is a good thing then I have a job opening near
Chicago, Illinois, USA, Planet Earth.

I am still working on the perfect job description and here is what I
have so far:
Platform Team, Software Engineer for soft real-time telecommunications
with C, C++, and Erlang in large distributed database system.  Candidate
must demonstrate proficiency in a functional language, either Erlang or
something similar.  Ideal candidate also has commercial C experience,
can use version control, enjoys writing unit tests, wants to work with
people, and is very flexible and can adapt to other's styles.

Send resume and salary requirements to Kristine O'Neal, FutureSource, +1
630 792 2001 (USA).  Mention Platform Team Software Engineer position.

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> From: "Eric Newhuis" <enewhuis@REDACTED>

> Is it acceptable use of this mailing list to post job offers?

definitly not. send all job offers to me, personally, instead :-)

seriously speaking, i think it would be a very good idea to have job
offers here.


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