Gen processes and exit/2 from shell

Ulf Wiger <>
Tue Dec 17 11:43:47 CET 2002

On 17 Dec 2002, Luke Gorrie wrote:

>It is a special case in gen_server:loop/6 that if your
>parent process (the one that spawned you) dies then you
>have to terminate, even if you're trapping exits. I guess
>the intention is to use a reliable parent like a
>supervisor, and not outlive it.
>When you use exit/2 from the shell it will get an {'EXIT',
>ShellPid, Rsn} signal - so if ShellPid == Parent (who
>spawned the server) then you would hit the special case.

This is a really annoying feature when testing a server from
the shell. What I usually do when playing around in the
shell is:

- {ok,Pid} = Server:start_link(...).
- unlink(Pid).

...and then get on with the testing.

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