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Mon Dec 16 12:36:59 CET 2002

Thanks Ulf,
using more than one table and a "switch" row is quite a good idea for this
application -- I've been thinking along similar lines, and will implement
this approach in the next release.


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> On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, Valentin wrote:
> >This process has worked just fine so far, however, as it
> >usually happens, we have underestimated the traffic
> >volumes, and I am not sure if the process will cope with
> >the load -- the export facility that I wrote is quite a
> >slow one. I've been looking for a simple work-around, i.e.
> >if the table can be renamed, I would have all the time in
> >the world to do the export, etc.
> You could perhaps steal an idea from the telephony realm,
> where one usually keeps a NOP and an OP table for B-number
> analysis. Basically, you keep two tables, and perform a
> lookup on a record (in some other table) to determine which
> of the two is active.
> When you are ready to export data from one of the tables,
> you update the "switch" record to point to another table,
> and so on. It's also very similar to how a wrap log works.
> Another way to go might be to use ets instead of mnesia. The
> ets:rename/2 function does allow you to rename an ets table.
> /Uffe
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